Grey Hues

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Let's talk about my favorite show: The Bachelor. Have al you ladies been keeping up with the show? I look forward to the show every week. Not gonna lie, I'm going to be a little sad when the show is over. How are we already on hometown dates this week? That means there's only a couple episodes left before the finale. I've heard people talking about how they know who wins, but I refuse to spoil it for myself. Since the beginning episode, I've had my pick on Hannah G. She's got a similar personality to me: reserved and quite at times. I hoping she'll be picked, but I can't be too certain being that there isn't much footage or development shown on their relationship. I guess we'll have to wait and see! Who's your pick?

Enough about the Bachelor, let's talk about the outfit! Grey has become my new favorite color. Normally I'm all about black and white, but there is something so much more fresh and inviting about grey. I never thought I would be saying this. I always thought of grey as a boring color, and more of a manly color. Now, I think it's a beautiful neutral color. I love it paired with white, especially for home décor.

What's great about the color grey is that you can pair it with multiple different washes of jeans. I find that black doesn't always look that great with dark denim; it seems to just blend in too much. Grey on the other hand looks great styled with dark, medium, and light denim. In this post I paired my sweater with this super light wash pair of distressed jeans. Let me just start off by saying that I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of light, distressed jeans. I have a dark pair, but sometimes they can look a little bit too edgy. Light pairs of jeans on the other hand give off a more casual vibe. I can pair them with a tshirt some tennis shoes, and be out the door. Plus, I think pink looks more put together with light denim. I'm mentioning this, because right now, all that's on my Instagram is pink.... I'm not even kidding!

Anyways, so I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair for quite some time. I've seen a couple pairs at American Eagle, but they're always a little bit too pricy for me. They're always having deals of "buy one get one 50% off." It seems like an okay deal, but then I look at the price tag, and orginally priced, the jeans are like $60. Like I said, I'm more of a deal kind of gal. So, you'll always be finding me in the sale section of American Eagle. Normally their sale price for jeans are $29.99, but the other week when I went, they were $19.99. I was super excited! Of course I was only able to find one pair (the one that I'm wearing). Ladies let me tell you, it's a struggle being short and tiny....there's never anything in my size.

I will admit that these jeans are slightly a little too small. Since they're super high waisted, they fit really snug. And when I sit down, they just dig into me. So I'm a little disappointed because knowing me, I won't want to be uncomfortable. Therefore I won't wear them all that much. They'll probably just be worn for photos. I sound like a typical Instagrammer or what!?

I've owned a shaggy sweater similar to this one in the past, but it was a cardigan, and it was white. My boyfriend said that I looked like a polar bear in it! I never really got much use out of it though because it was super heavy. I always felt like it was weighing me down. Needless to say, I got rid of it. I am super excited though about this sweater. It's more of a lightweight material so you can totally transition it into spring. It comes in Pink too, if you're wanting to be a little more girly! It has a wider neckline, so you can wear it normal or off the shoulder. If you have one of those super popular Free People bralettes, that would look adorable paired underneath.


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