Cheers to the New Year!

Thursday, January 07, 2021


A little bit late, but Happy New Year! I think we can all agree that 2020 was an unforgettable year, and like many of you have already stated, one that simply sucked. Being furloughed was probably the lowest part of the year. Some might say it must've been great having an extended "summer vacation" as an adult. I could wake up at whatever time I pleased and had no "responsibilities".  I joked that the only day that mattered was garbage day; any other day was practically a weekend. For the first week, it was great. I finally was able to get "caught up" on social media, youtube videos, tv shows, and most importantly...sleep. After that first 7 days though, it went just as I thought it would: miserably. I woke up each day dreading how I would pass time. I missed having a purpose and having that socialization with coworkers, family members, and friends. It was during that time frame of being furloughed from April-June, that I realized how dependent I was on my career giving me joy; I had no other hobbies. Sure I could have grew my instagram, start blogging again, or finally get around to those tasks that always get pushed back like organizing my garage, or finish DIYs.

If anything good came out of that dark timeframe, it would be that I found the joy of relaxing outside. I know how silly this might sound. But I truly loved the time that I would spend sitting by the water deep in thought, reading my latest cheesy romantic novel, or deepening my faith. I loved the nights that my boyfriend and I would spend watching the waves at a local "beach" or as close to a "beach" that Minnesota can get. And I think it's safe to say that I got my money's worth of our outdoor table set. I would eat as many meals outside that I could. My neighbors must have thought I was nuts having a fan set up outside... but hey, you gotta-do-what-you-gotta-do on those 90+ degree days. 

2020 was supposed to be the year of all these weddings. Instead, we only got to attend 2 of the 5. I remember stressing out about how I need all these new dresses, but couldn't find any cute ones. All that time online shopping was for nothing. I was a bridesmaid in 1, and the other I ended up wearing an oldie but a goodie. 

Those weddings were the highlight of my year! Other than those 2 days, I can't think of a whole lot happening. Easter was spent with just my boyfriend. We cooked a mini prebaked ham in the oven but ended up throwing it out because there was a suspicious rainbow spot. 

The final memory that I have of 2020 was all the nights spent watching One Tree Hill. We were ADDICTED in the first few seasons. I dreaded the day that we finished the whole series and would have nothing to watch. Well...we're at the point where we have nothing to watch. And no...we didn't finish the series. To be honest, I don't even remember where we left off. Once the cast grew into adults, the show got a little dull. I am determined though that we'll pick the show back up again. Nathan and Haley <3

It's January 6th, and the world is far from where it was in 2019. My coworkers have been cut in half and I miss all the background chatters and laughter. Working from home and doing teams calls is just not the same. When will be able to travel again? When will masks not be our most thought about accessory? And When will be able to have gatherings and not be judged? I know New Years doesn't change these things, but there's something about the start of the year that brings hope for a new beginning. I know not everyone is found of resolutions but I want to list a few of mine: 

  • Save, Save Save! I'm not one to stick to a budget, but I find that if I use a finance app regularly, I more likely to realize how fast money can go. If 2020 taught me 1 thing, it's that your job can be taken from you at any moment. 
  • Be more organized. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm one to let things get out of hand and procrastinate. I want to instead, make sure everything has a place and things get put away...that goes with emails too! I find it helps to start or end my day with a 15 minute clean up. I've already started tackling organizing my closet and getting caught up on laundry (which btw, I've realized I'm the cause of all of our clothes shrinking. Who would have guessed that there are different settings on a washer? Long story short, I've been washing our laundry on the "super" setting all this time and didn't realize it. I'm the reason I can no longer wear my favorite tops and dresses...sigh. RIP)
  • Deepen my faith. Plain and Simple! I'm hoping my anxiety can decrease too because of that. Being anxious all day just sucks!
  • Clear my Skin: I have a habit of some nights just using a makeup wipe to remove my makeup, and some nights not even that. My adult acne has gotten out of control. I want to stick to a routine in the hopes of my scars, hyperpigmentation, and active breakouts finally disappear
Last but not least.....

  • Be consistent with blogging. This was a hobby that I loved so much in college and brought me so much joy experimenting with my creativity. I want to start posting on here regularly as well as Instagram. If you've followed me for a while, leave me a comment. I'm curious if anyone still reads my blog, or am I just talking to myself lol

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