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Monday, January 18, 2021

I can't believe we're already halfway through January. I swear it was just New Year's the other day. Does anyone else agree that January is just a boring month? It's sad taking down the Christmas decorations (which by the way I have not accomplished yet...maybe next weekend) and not being able to snuggle next to the lights while watching a Christmas movie. The weather also seems to get colder and that's when the snow finally decides to just hammer us. It makes it hard to have weekend plans. I'm grateful though, that we live by some pretty parks (even if we've already been there a couple of times, and even if we only adventure there for a  couple of minutes because we can't bare to stand outside any longer).

I think I've finally adapted to the true Minnesotan/Wisconsin uniform: a flannel, boot socks, and Red Wing boots. It only took me a couple of years, but here I am! I can't seem to get on board with the whole "shacket" trend, but I love this babydoll flannel. I love the hunter green color, even if my boyfriend calls me his lumberjack. 

The drive up to this park was just beautiful. All the trees and branches were frosted so it felt like a winter wonderland. Of course though, as we neared closer to the destination, all of that frostiness disappeared. Oh well! I still think the photos turned out cute. Which, by the way, I don't think I mentioned my new lens. My boyfriend was the sweetest and got my it for Christmas. I've been using the same 50mm 1.8 lens for years. His brother in law thought I needed an upgrade though. I'm blown away by the quality. I knew I wanted to invest in a new one for a while, but was too lazy to do the research. I'm so glad his brother in law recommended this one. It was such a great surprise on Christmas! I had a blast stopping at all points on our little "trip" to capture different moments. It's funny to see my boyfriend being so protective of it. Every time I slightly slipped on the snowy ground, he got concerned. It was cute, but I understand his fear of me cracking the glass. 

Oh and how could I forget that we didn't even make it to the destination of the waterfall. Some how we ended up in a different parking lot (though it looked the same to us) and we were thrown off. After slipping a few times down some rocks, we decided this little tiny waterfall was good enough. 


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