Backyard Picnic

Monday, November 15, 2021

Can we count how many blog posts I've started off with, time is flying by!? This time I actually mean it. How is Thanksgiving already next Thursday?  Does everyone else feel like Halloween didn't even happen. It's just crazy! Last week the temperatures were 60 degrees, and today we woke up to snow. Ugh! Forgot how much of a pain it is to scrape of your car and heat it up before driving off. You would think I would be more inclined to park in my garage. Nope! After 2 years of living in this place, I've only parked in the garage twice. Call me crazy! 

Anyways, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm in this weird in between funk of getting tired of looking at pumpkins but not quite ready to break out the tree. I'm not judging those that already have their garland out and full blown decorations, but I just personally think it's too soon. 

Another unpopular opinion, but has anyone else outgrown the whole Black Friday concepts. I don't know it it's that I'm adult and buy what I went, when I want, or if it's that companies have been promoting their sales the first week of November, but it donesn't have that excitement as it used to. I remember getting all excited to wake up at 5am to stock up on Bath & Body works candles with the family. The good old days! 

I have an obsession with plaid, but also anything navy and white. So of course I had to get this top! I don't have the exact link to it, but I linked one similar. I kind of feel like a barbeque table cloth, but I'm here for it! 

                               SHOP MY plaid top|| 

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