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Monday, November 22, 2021

A few years ago, I never understood the hype behind boutique clothing. $60 felt like a lot to spend on a top. Maybe that's because as a broke college student, that wasn't in my budget. I now get the hype! It's so thrilling finding a one of a kind piece that no one else has. It's like a hidden jem! The owners also always seem to be so down to earth. 

This blouse is from a local boutique - making it a one of a kind. So sorry I can link it. The boutique is actually one that expanded from where I attended college. It's not like anything that I own in my wardrobe. I typically gravitate towards black/white pieces or ones with polka dots or stripes. I love that it's a silky frabric that can be dressed up with a pair of gold earrings. 

I also love the ruffle sleeves. It adds a nice, feminine touch. Petition to bring back mules! These Target ones are going strong over the years. They're the perfect office shoe and look adorable with dresses. Wish I could find more options. 

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  1. The beautiful floral print of that blouse contrasts with and complements the dark green background of its fabric beautifully. I love its airy feminine design and the satiny look of its fabric. That local boutique sounds like a wonderful place for fashion shopping!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Very unique blue floral top. I like it very much~

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